FAQ's, Rules & Oath


1. Is it a religion?
The Knights Templars of Britannia is a spiritual Order dedicated to spiritual harmonious living & spiritual teachings of meditation, oneness & positive higher consciousness.

2. Do I have to go to church?
The Knights Templars do not have churches and do not go to church. You are your own church within yourself.

3. Do I have to be Christian or religious to join the Knights Templars?
No, anyone from any faith can join, and you do not have to be religious. Nobody will force any religious believes upon you. We recognise that all individuals are on their own personal spiritual path; and we offer direction and guidance for betterment of your higher spiritual self if you seek it. Everyone is welcome.

4. Do I have to attend meetings?
No, you do not have any obligation to attend meetings. However you may be invited to spiritual or celebratory meetings, or fundraising functions and we would welcome your support should you wish to participate.

5. What happens to donations that are made to the Order?
Donations go towards the cost of spiritual teaching, and the Order's quest to provide spiritual centres throughout the world. Like all organisations we have administration costs to cover. Charitable fund raising events, we ensure that 100% of money raised go to the intended cause.

6. Do I have to pay any yearly subscriptions or contributions?
No, there are no yearly fees or contributions to pay. Whilst all donations and funds raised for the Order are most welcome, this is, on an entirely voluntary basis and there are no ongoing financial obligations. 'Friendship has no price' A ring was given to our Grand Master's descendant by William Duke of Normandy 'William the Conqueror' with the Latin inscription 'Friendship has no price'.

7. Can I use the Knights Templar Crest on my stationary?
Yes, as a Member and titled Member you can use our Knights Templar of Britannia crest on your stationary.

8. Can I use the letters HKt.B after my name?
Yes, you have the right as Member to use the letters HKt.B. Titled Members have the right to use their 'Title' initials before the HKt.B Example:
Lord = LD.HKt.B.

9. Are the Knights Templars of Britannia anything to do with the Masons?
No, it is a misconception that there is any direct link to Freemasonry, although during hundreds of years of persecution some Templars became Freemasons and shared their secret knowledge.

10. Are the Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia connected with the Knights of Malta or the Knights Hospitallers?
No, there are a number of different Templar Orders with differing histories and objectives, although many Orders are simular in beliefs, our Order is the only one practicing spiritual meditation and Merkaba techniques.

11. Do I have to wear any 'Regalia' when attending meetings or functions?
No, you do not have to wear 'Regalia', we have crested badges, Tie Pins etc.., that are commonly worn but there are no rules to insist that you wear them; however you should check on dress code for any particular meeting or event.

12. What benefits will the Knights Templars bring to me?
In general terms the Knights Templar seeks to offer you 'Fraternity & Friendship', with the opportunity for spiritual growth if you want.

13. Spiritual benefits (if required)

14. We can teach you about your inner self.

15. Help you deal with harmful negative energy that causes stress & illness.

16. Help you take control of your life through positive well-being.

17. Fulfil your ambitions and find love & contentment that benefits all around you.

18. Through ancient geometrical shapes/designs & symbolism protect you from harmful dark energies that sap your positive energy draining your body & spirit.

19. Balance & charge your spirit with light energy, through the universal power of oneness which is given to all who ask to receive.

20. To find internal peace that glows bright like the sun.

21. To advance your spiritual energies, building good foundations to carry your own spiritual positive energy with you wherever you go.

22. Improve meditation capability.

23. Strengthen and develop your higher consciousness.

24. Improve your natural psychic & intuitive instincts.

25. Balance your emotions.

26. Take control of addictive substances that often lead to harmful dark negative energies that may affect your entire life & well-being.

27. Bring a sense of belonging and fraternity through an organization of brotherly & sisterly love honor and respect.

28. Offer shelter, food, support & camaraderie to each other.

29. Feel a part of an organization whose fundamental policy is spiritual development through spiritual actions of chivalrous honorable deeds.

30. Bring respect & admiration of others for membership to an organization renowned for their spiritual values & activities.

What are the rules?

There are only 3 rules:

1. Never bring the Order into disrepute.
2. Obey the Ten Commandments.
3. Do the right thing 'Be Honorable at all times'.

What is the Oath?

All Members are required to take the Templar oath:

'I, (Sir Philip Jones ) of the Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia affirm that, to the Law of God, I will be faithful and bear true respect and honour to the Grand Master-in-Chief, His Heirs and successors, and will be true to the Order of The Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia, And I do hereby affirm my obedience to the constitution, Aims and Rules of the Order according to law.' In the sight of God.'

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