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The Knights Templar is an organization dedicated to fraternal friendship based on honor and integrity. The Knights Templar are guardians of many secrets including the Holy Grail. In the 12th Century the Knights Templar would meditate twice a day and before battle, to focus their mind and spirit as one. The Knights Templar used sacred geometry and symbols in their ceremonies and rituals, and believed in the brotherhood of mankind. Fraternal friendship is their code of life. The Knights Templar of Britannia today live by the same spiritual code of Honor: 'Do the Right Thing, Be Honorable at all times'. All honorable men and women are welcome to join the Knights Templar.


We are all different in race color and beliefs, but we are united as BROTHERS & SISTERS all belonging to the HUMAN RACE.


An Formal-Vatican Priest carried out an investigation lasting 7 years into the various Knights Templar Organizations throughout the world, to ascertain which ones had links with the original Knights Templars and which did not. Our Grand Master met up with the Ex Vatican Priest that had carried out the investigation who confirmed that the Knights Templar of Britannia linked to the Original Knights Templars in England and that our Grand Master was by hereditary birthright the ancestral true Grand Master of the Knights Templars of Britannia
Direct descendant to one of the first Norman Barons of England appointed by Duke William of Normandy (William the Conqueror) after the Battle of Hastings 1066


Ancestral Heritage of the Knights Templar Grand Master

Once Recorded in the Tower of London and whose descendants include:
Lord Marshall of England
Chief Justice of England
Bishop of Winchester
Dean of Windsor
Provost of Eton College
Chancellor of York
Devisor of English and Norman Laws,
Principal to King William Rufus
First Justice of Ayre
Keeper of the King's Forests, Parks and Chases of England
In the time of Henry I, Lord Chancellors of England
In the time of Henry II became benefactors to St Gilbert that founded the only English monastic order. 'The Gilbertines' the first Order that allowed women.

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Hereditary Knights Templar of Britannia