About Us

Knights Templar Aims

No one will try to change your opinions or views; no one will ask you to do anything. If you wish you can just be a member, which is by definition support in the ideals of the Knights Templar, or you can choose to be involved in any way you feel is right for you. You choose your own membership path. If you regard yourself as honourable we welcome you to join us in friendship.

To promote:

• Fraternity Friendship, Spirituality, Meditation, Charity and Chivalry.
• To maintain the history of the Knights Templar and preserve Ancestral Heritage
• To encourage the noble ideals of Chivalry and to promote ' Nobility through deeds of Charity & Honour'.
• To support the poor, the sick, the unjustly accused, to stand against oppression and to protect freedom & Liberty

There are only 3 rules:

1. Never bring the Order into disrepute.
2. Obey the Ten Commandments.
3. Do the right thing 'Be Honourable at all times.

Knights Templar Charity Events
The Knights Templars encourage members to raise money for local charitable worthy causes. Unlike many organisations that raise money for worthy causes the Knights Templars do not allow administration fees or salaries to be charged against money raised, therefore every penny raised goes to the worthy cause it was intended for.
Through your support we can continue to raise money for Autism and ensure that 100% of money raised goes to Autistic Children

Help form a Knights Templar Volunteer Group in your area to:
1. Help the aged with gardening, shopping, DIY around their homes
2. Help drive disabled people around or take them for a fun day out
3. Help clean up Graffiti in the area
4. Help clean up the Parks from rubbish & dangerous sharp objects that could spread disease to children & animals
5. Help care for abandoned animals, possibly raise money for a shelter
6. Help people who suffer from domestic violence at home, possible raise funds for a 'Safe House' to provide temporary stays while people get themselves back on their feet
7. Help less fortunate homeless individuals with a roof over their head, a hot meal & a hot bath; possibly raise money for a shelter
8. Help others with your talent 'Work for Free' (pro bono) for the most needy in your community (for every $worth of Free Work you do to help others it will come back to you 10 fold)
9. Come up with your own idea to help others (tell us, we would love to hear from you)