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As a new Knight Chevalier we have a Knowledge training program that is operated in Degrees, there are 37 Degrees of Knowledge starting with degree 1 up to 33 for all Knights 34-37 is by invitation. In the old days this training would be carried out on an individual basis with the New Knight requesting knowledge. [The Order does not believe in forcing information onto people as that is a “Cult”, therefore in the past any information had to be requested by a new knight] This policy has led to many Knights not receiving the knowledge. We are entering the beginning of the Winter of Aquarius which probably means nothing to most of you new Knights, but it is a very important time, now is the TIME for all who should be enlightened to know the truth, as “The Truth shall set you free”.

33 degrees of knowledge including ancient knowledge of the Magi was bestowed on a new Knight (Initiate) over a 10-20 year period through attending meetings. None of us today have the time to attend meetings in our 21st century lifestyle, so the Knights Templars have created a serious of training videos in the modern ‘YouTube’ style with condensed “twitter” like fact bites of Knights Templar knowledge, designed to train a Knight Chevalier in the ancient ways quickly. Before any knowledge is given to a Knight Chevalier heed this caveat: "Trust nothing you hear third hand, always verify for yourself, this allows you to form what is truth to you".

Many of the degrees require that we send you items in the post these items are not to be opened in front of friends or family as they are for Knights Chevalier eyes only.

There are only 3 rules:
1. Never bring the Order into disrepute
2. Obey the Ten Commandments
3. Do the right thing 'Be honourable at all times'.
(Please do not fill in this 'Application Form' if you do not intend to join as a 'Knight Chevalier' which involves
conducting yourself in a Knightly chivalric fashion)
Please Note: Every 'Knight Chevalier' buys their own Regalia and makes pledges on their word of honour.

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