Destiny brought you here for a reason.

Everything you have ever done or learnt has brought you here and now.

Joining The Knights Templar you become part of one of the oldest fraternity organization in the world.


1.     Fraternity friendship throughout the world. Our word is our Bond in the good old fashion Chivalric traditions.

2.     Brothers and Sisters collectively respect each other and treat each other as if they were related as true brothers and sisters.

3.     In business there is always a special price to fellow brothers and sisters to each other.

4.     The brotherhood as it is known is like being part of a large company/organization with branches all over the world who's aim is help it's members.

5.     Like a large company/organization you have access to specialists like lawyers, barristers, bank and finance, doctors, healers, service industries like carpenters, plumbers, builders, electricians every trade you can think of, from all walks of life. NEVER PAY FULL PRICE AGAIN. The best deals are always for brothers and sisters.

6.     You can prosper by trading to fellow members.

7.     Membership is about collaborating with other members, using specialists in all fields of expertise that benefits each and every member. EVERYBODY WINS.

8.     The Knights Templars act as suppliers of contacts resulting in maximizing success. When direct success is a result of the influence of the Templar's connections resulting in personal gain we ask that members contribute back to the Templars in true chivalry tradition to ensure that the Templars can continue to help other members now and into the future. Mutual beneficial fraternity friendship built on trust and honor.

9.     Ancient secret knowledge passed down the centuries that benefits all members with the primary Caveat "Trust no knowledge or information given to you by a third party, trust only what you can verify yourself through your experience". No brainwashing here, just knowledge given with you in the driving seat. Learn ancient secret knowledge, or leave it, it's your choice. No one will force you to do anything you are not ready for, or don't want. Control belongs to YOU.

10.     All nationalities are welcome to join provided your faith believes in GOD.

11.     The optional ability to make a difference in your local community by providing direct charitable help to the needy. ALL THE MONEY GOES TO THE NEEDY "NO MANAGEMENT FEES ALLOWED" NO CHARITY SCAMS ALLOWED WITH THE TEMPLARS.

12.     You can choose what part you play in the Templars or just support them passively or actively, YOU control how much you do or contribute, it is always up to YOU. NO PRESSURE HERE.

13.     Membership has it's rewards, as many famous successful people in the past have made it through membership to the Knights Templars. Members have opportunities offered to them to maximize their careers, businesses and lifestyle through collaborations that guarantee success through the brotherhood's strength and numbers.


"Cream always rises to the top".


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