News Letter 2015

Sacred Geometry of the Knights Templar

It is known that St.Bernard was translating material relating to sacred geometry after 1128. None other than Bernhard of Clairvaux has defined God as “length, width, height and depth”. As Bernhard was one of the key supporters of the early Knights Templar and instrumental in writing their Rule, this definition of God has interested many for some time. The Templars probably had learned more than a little about geometry, mathematics, and certain architectural designs in the East, they learned four important things ; one turned the tides of the history, another revolutionized architecture, the third change navigation knowledge and the last one is fulfilling prophecy in the last day.

Geometry was also one of the Seven Liberal Arts and sciences during the late Middle Ages, yet another indicator of why such an influential figure as Bernhard of Clairvaux would define God in terms of geometry. The Great Architect concept is also very predominant in Freemasonry as well, although it is important to realize that the historical medieval Templar order (1118-1312) is not the same organization as a modern-day Freemasonry, which arouse out of the medieval stonemasons guild and had many branches all over the world today.

The Knights Templar were especially interested in the design of the Temple of Solomon: the order had many members , but only a minority were full knights-brothers, so it is known that at least some Templars were familiar with geometry. While not easily accessible to view today, these symbols include stars, various geometrical grid patterns, hands with a heart carved on them, and so on.

After Jerusalem was calm again the Knights Templar went to the place that had been shown to Bernhard of Clairvaux in a vision. According to his statement an “ Angel of God “ appeared to him in this vision and told him to go to Jerusalem to excavate the “Ark of the Covenant “ , and there they found a vault . After they went deeper into the vault they found the Ark of the Covenant actually consisting of 19 stone sarcophaguses. These were full of leather scrolls , with scripture and drawings – everything was written in an unknown language which later turned out to be Atlantian origin. Atlantis was a continent located between South America and Africa, home of the most advance civilization on the Earth.

But let’s get back to what this Knights Templar found out from the Atlantian texts and take a look at Knights Templar Healing Techniques.

to be continue…..